For $3k a month, you can have a Porsche for every day of the week. Business meeting on Monday, take the Cayenne. Grab the Carerra for tacos on date night. Do it all with Porsche Passport.

Launching first in Atlanta, Porsche Passport is a vehicle subscription service that lets you use one of up to 22 different Porsche model variants. You can keep your rental as long as you want or switch anytime. The fee already includes maintenance, insurance, and taxes.

The Porsche Passport monthly subscription is an alternative to owning or leasing.

Simply flip between vehicles via their app as your needs change.
Insurance, maintenance, hand-detailing, taxes and unlimited flips are all included.

There’s two type of memberships – the launch and the accelerate. The difference is the type of cars you can switch out. The accelerate has more of an option for $1000 extra.

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