Tiny houses are relatively easy to build and move from place to place, and many people are rejecting more spacious dwellings in favor of pared-down, efficient homes. The new RoadHaus is a refined version of the company’s popular 400 square foot Wedge model. The RoadHaus Wedge (offered at 160 to 240 sf) is a smaller yet refined version at a fraction of the cost. It comes standard with a covered outdoor deck that increases the overall inside/outside living arrangement while protecting from sun and inclement weather. Inside, it offers a living room big enough for a couch, TV and fireplace; a kitchen complete with cabinets, countertop, sink, stovetop and refrigerator; a full bathroom; and a bedroom large enough for an Olympic Queen bed. And because it is built on wheels, it can be easily transported to a site and then moved again if the need arises.

Base Price is $76,000

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