I’ve traveled around the world quite a bit in my life visiting over ten different countries, and throughout all my travels the one country that stands above the others in terms of sightseeing, food, and action is Iceland.

While Iceland might not seem to be much of the tourist utopia, compared to some of the other oversea attractions, it still manages to hold its own against them. It offers many amazing locations to gawk at, both grand and expansive. One awesome interest that catches most tourist’s eyes are the fjords: beautiful and deep inlets within the side of the mountain offering a majestic view if you are on the top of them, and while the fjords are a prominent part of Iceland’s attractions there are also many other spectacular sights as well. Driving around the countryside brings up many sprawling landscapes, there are fields of grass with amazing rock formations, and there are also many cliffsides that add tension while driving around. However, while the sights of Iceland are jaw dropping, one thing that might be overlooked when visiting is their food.

Iceland’s food is one of the best experiences of seafood I have ever had in my life, because the nation is very small (only a little bit bigger than the entire state of Maine) a majority of the big towns and cities are ports. This makes for amazing seafood. Every restaurant we went to had fresh fish and unique style. In one restaurant we were served pieces of freshly baked bread in a burlap sack and a slab of butter on a broken brick. The style of the restaurants and their wonderful food made for an unforgettable experience that makes me want to plan a second trip back. Although the food and sights made for a nearly perfect combination, there were still many thrills to be had in Iceland as well.

My father and I rented a car while traveling through Iceland, and we had some heart racing moments during our visit. Once when driving on the side of a cliff with a massive drop inches away we saw a sign that read “Watch out for falling boulders!” and although nothing of note happened, the experience was still very heart throbbing, yet exciting. There were times when we were driving up a hill during a very serious thunderstorm with nothing to hear but the sound of the rain and the engine of the car. There were other times on top of cliffs and fjords where we would look down at the expansive inlet and large drop and be amazed. There were many exciting moments we had and even more memories that were created.

Give Iceland a try. It is a beautiful country with wonderful experiences that are waiting to be had.