Video Games are an exciting way to spend time. They allow the player to visualize different worlds, then transverse through them. You could be an adventurer battling dragons in a fantastical world in one game, and then be a detective solving crimes in the next. However, with all the action and intensity that games hold, few people might have enough time to pay attention to the music that is accompanying the scenes.

Hello everyone, in this short article I will be recommending a soundtrack with high-quality music many people might not have originally noticed when taking their time and playing through a game.

The game I have chosen today is a relatively new one; Nier: Automata. A fighting game that explores the uniqueness and philosophy of what it means to be a human and what it means to truly be yourself. While a large portion of the game is action based fighting, it doesn’t hold back on the amazing soundtrack. It uses a combination of different melodies combining classic orchestral music with a more modern tone.

And even though many of the songs are not sung in English, there are many individual pieces that sound absolutely stunning and beautiful. Using percussion and orchestral instruments that are worth listening to completely on their own.

Some songs to look out for in the OST:

Birth of a Wish

Grandma (destruction)

Song of the Ancients

Memories of Dust

Copied City

The Sound of the End

Faltering Prayer – Starry Sky

Weight of the World

Vague Hope – Spring Rain

Link to the OST: