Hello, my name is Kayla Butler and I am a portrait photographer from the DMV area.

…Since I began doing photography, my goal has and will always be to shoot and showcase primarily African American people. If not African American, then other people of color. As most people realize, we simply do not have enough representation in much of anything. I wanted to change that, at least in what I create. My work is for everyone to enjoy of course, but it is mostly for the black community. We do not just represent rappers, athletes, the angry black person, the hood, and every other stereotype stacked against us. We also represent success, love, models, dancers, freedom, strength, and so many other things. In simpler terms….we lit. Below I have included some of my recent work. I hope it can make you feel something.

We want to get into the habit of showcasing young creators and artist all over the world that has their own story to tell. Our focus is to provide a platform for these creators. Submitted by Kayla Butler herself, we wanted to share the essence and beauty of her photography. Aforementioned, Kayla represents success, love, models, dancers, freedom, strength, and that’s what we’re all about! Check out more of her work below and if you like what you see, follow Kayla @afrovert or visit her website .

Thanks again Kayla for sharing!

You start dying when you stop dreaming.