Project Jacquard, is an effort by Google to transmit the idea of futuristic wearables from tech to the textile world. The project has now teamed up with Levi’s for this tech-infused denim jacket that will make your commute safer and easier. The Levi´s Commuter Trucker Jacket links to your mobile device via Bluetooth and lets you customize the interaction to your liking. All of the technology is installed in the left cuff of the jacket, where an interactive panel allows wearers to control necessary smartphone functions with just a touch, access to navigation, music and messaging, among other things. The jacket is designed for the commuter, removing the need to look at your phone, and providing an easy way to stay connected whilst remaining aware, with your eyes on the road. Get yours now for $350.

Learn more from Project Jacquard, or grab one from Levi´s