I have been a big fan of the band Gold Casio for some time now. Their uniform of gold and “acid disco” music make for a sound and a feeling that is even better live. The band recently released their long-awaited music video for “Last Song” and have been playing shows all over US. Look out for this talented group and read about what’s next for Gold Casio.

What is the story behind the name Gold Casio, how long has the band been around?

When the Cosmic Mirror Ball first shot forth its multitude of exuberant light throughout the universe, came forth from the chaos: Gold Casio. Both named and nameless, it has persisted on the tongues of prophets throughout the aeons. Given that time is a flat circle we inherited it a couple years ago when the band formed in full.

Who are all the members of the band?

Ela Ra, George, and the Brötherz Grenfell AKA Brock and Forrest. Additionally we are graced by Benjamin Tyler of Small Skies on drums and Roberto Curtis who plays flute, saxophone, and EW-I from on high.

How would you describe your sound?

Brock: It’s the feeling of staying up late on the ethereal dance floor. Disco from the 29th century. Electric Light Orchestra in a chance encounter with the entire roster of Ed Banger Records. A gold-plated hallucination of the end of the party.

Ela Ra: We make Acid Disco/Space Funk, full of candy rainbow day dreams, the ability of time travel, Femme-power Booty Jams, boundless love and audible redemption.

George: Jellyfish, Prometheus, a tiny baby robot dancing on the moon, the host of a party who wants you to take off your shoes, Haruki Murakami, Surrealist art, dreamscapes, and God when she’s feeling sassy.

Forrest: Holographic wizards experiencing the ecstasy of ego-death while casting love spells in the Temple of Disco.

What have you been up to? What’s next?

Our EP Fever Dreams came out June 23rd and is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and iTunes. We’re touring around the West Coast, working on some fre$h new tracks, and just seriously chilling.

What artists inspire you and what bands do you think you sound like?

Here’s a list of artists we love and think you should know: Talking Heads, Daft Punk, Arthur Russell, Prince for sure; Steven Arnold, Marvin Gaye, Gorillaz, David Lynch for sure, and also any Eddie Murphy/Rick James collaborations.

What can we expect from the live performance?

We try to merge our audio detail with our visual detail, so as to provide for the audience, the format of an enhanced environment to interact with. There is an effortless sway into a total relaxed surrender that the right tune can hypnotize the human psyche into and we let it bleed out into as many production parts as possible so that it can be accessible one way, or a few.

Find Gold Casio on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.