Action Hunger vending machines have always seemed like a symbol of over-consumption, often offering unhealthy food 24 hours a day, seven days a week. however, with the work of action hunger, vending machines have been remodeled to dispense free, essential food and items exclusively to those in need. the initiative aims to combat the issue of homelessness in the UK, as well as internationally. the project began in Nottingham, England. the next city to receive these charitable vendors: new york city.

The machine is stocked on a daily basis by volunteers
all images courtesy of action hunger

The vending machines dispense water, fresh fruit, energy bars, crisps, chocolate, and sandwiches, as well as socks, sanitary towels, antibacterial lotion, books, and toothbrush and toothpaste packs. the majority of these supplies are donated from supermarkets, charities and local shops in order to reduce waste, before then being distributed across action hunger‘s network by volunteers on a daily basis. the products can only be vented with the use of a special key card, which permits the withdrawal of up to three items per day to prevent singular dependency on the service.

special key cards allow those in need to vend three items per day

Action Hunger, the charity committed to alleviating poverty and hardship amongst the homeless, has currently set up the service in key locations of cities across the UK.


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