Summer is always the best time to take a break from the stressful situations that go on at school; however, to escape from that stress we often find ourselves using technology. Things like who’s the top YouTuber, games online, and favorite blogs. Little do we take the time to physically connect with our friends and family.

Hello everyone, in this new series I will be offering up a different board game each week. They will be able to help beat down the stress while offering some fun times for you and your friends or family. This week I will be introducing the game called The Amazing Labyrinth. It’s a game that will be challenging your mind mapping skills with an ever changing maze, and rules that are also quite simple.
The game has a set of 49 tiles on the board with half of them in a fixed location and the other half free to move around with an extra tile to be used. At the beginning of the game everyone playing gets a set of cards, and then the goal is for the players to transverse their way around the labyrinth and collect different objects that are on their cards. The only catch is that at the beginning of each player’s turn they take the extra tile and must move a whole row of tiles in a different direction. This causes the map of the labyrinth to always be moving, and for players to think of multiple ways to get around while still considering the other players moves.

The game itself is a very quick and fun way to spend the afternoon will also helping to increase mental calculations and mapping. What makes the game truly amazing is that each game played will never be the same. The map is always changing and players will have to think up innovative ways to change the map to turn the defeat into a victory.