Hello everyone I’ve come to post a new article on the board game of the week. This week the game I have chosen to recommend is a little something called Monikers. The game itself is a small, simple, easy, yet interesting game that can be played with just a group of friends or some family members.

The rules for Monikers are pretty simple, at the beginning of the game you will team up with different players in your group and then deal out a set amount of cards to each player. On the cards will be names, objects, or things such as: Michael J. Fox, a Chupacabra, your shadow, etc. The players then pick out ten of their favorite cards from the pile they were handed, and then all players shuffle their ten cards together to make the main pile for the game.

There are three rounds in Monikers; each round ends when all cards have been used up from the main pile you made. In the first round, a player will have one minute to make his teammates guess the word on the card by using any means necessary with the exception of using the word on the card. After the teammates guess the word correctly you get that card for the round and then move on to the next card. After the one minute passes, the next person gets to try to make his teammates guess correctly. The round ends when all the cards have been guessed correctly; then the second round begins. After counting up the points you got (which are located on the cards themselves) and reshuffling the cards together again, you now have to make your teammates guess the word on the card by only using one word and nothing else. Then in the last round you you can not speak at all, and must play the last round of the game doing charades.

Monikers was a game that sucked me in after playing it just once. It is extremely fun and unique With the difficulty being generally the same in each round. As you get more used to the cards and start to memorize them, it becomes easier to understand what others are trying to say when they are limited to only using one word or trying to act something out. It will have you laughing and connecting with your friends in an interesting and exciting way, challenging you to describe cards in unique ways like making you bring up old inside jokes that only one other person may understand.

If you have the time give Monikers a try. It’s a simple game that’s easy to get into, yet fun enough that you will always want to try it one more time.