No stranger to the format, Apple have hired French auteur Michel Gondry to shoot a short film entirely on an iPhone. The 11-minute piece, entitled Détour follows a family as they head off on vacation, losing their youngest daughter’s tricycle along the way, and showcases the director’s charming signature style.

Gondry really puts the iPhone to work in Détour – creating a dizzying, revolving shot by attaching it to the pedals of a bike, mounting it in place to produce a fun accelerated sequence and even filming himself handwriting the title text – and it results in a magical, nostalgic film. Whether it serves as an advertisement for what you can achieve cinematically with an iPhone, I’m unsure (we’re not all blessed with Gondry’s imagination), but as a ‘branded’ short film, the director’s trademark approach makes it a seducing watch – and surely this is a win-win for all involved.