Moroccan/American designer Naeem Khaliq Washitaw-EL recently designed a streetwear collection based on the fast life culture of “UUV”. The term UUV derives from the DC penal code (D.C. CODE 22-3215), which stands for the Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Inspired by the youth of Washington D.C. who street race Dirt Bikes and ATVs, he decided to shadow a group young mechanical engineers in the process of fixing a reconstructed Pontiac GT and Pit Go-Kart.

The designer Naeem Khaliq has redefined this abbreviation to stand for “Use of Universal Vision”, the basis for the evolution of this term is to point out the significant role that
adrenaline energy plays in inspiring a person to be confident enough to create their own reality. In other words, “Young adults that indulge in risky adrenaline prone activities are more likely to be confident enough to step out of their comfort zones with their careers. #UseUniversalVision campaign.

Note: This is the very first time “UUV” culture has been included in a style editorial with a Moroccan designer.
We would like to ensure that the people of Washington D.C. are informed of the creativity brewing in their city.

The three mechanical engineers involved in this project are originally from Washington D.C. Fixing automobiles and dirt bikes have become a full-time career for each of them. They are all currently in talks with larger racing teams to expand their careers beyond their neighborhood auto body shop. Lordy’s #UseUniversalVision campaign runs parallel with the philosophies of these entrepreneurs and from that organic synergy, this project was born. With this series of visual work, we are aiming to promote visionary thinking amongst other young adults that are involved in adrenaline prone activities worldwide.

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Naeem Khaliq Washitaw - EL - Photographer
 Olympus Camera - Sponsor

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